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WE LIKE TO SUPPORT things that touch our hearts.

The Coldwater/Eady United Churches are supported by people who feel passion, compassion, and gratitude for the gifts they have been given. We believe our church is engaged in bringing God’s love to the world.


Whether it’s preparing breakfast meals for the Coldwater Public School children, sponsoring several children through Compassion Canada to help them identify their passions and talents while gaining skills and resources to overcome poverty, or supporting Lighthouse Christian Ministries (Orillia), Women's Shelter Ministry (Orillia & Midland), Ukrainian Families (Midland) through special donations.

The Coldwater/Eady United Churches provide to the community, Church services, Sunday School, choir, concerts. We also sponsor 5 children through Compassion Canada.

The Coldwater United Church houses the food bank, AA meetings, fair board meetings, Lion’s Club meetings and has space available for wedding and baby showers.

Members and Friends of Coldwater/Eady United Churches support and assist families within our local community through fundraisers such as dinners and pie sales.

At our best, giving is a fine blend of



& gratitude.

Food Bank Donations 2022
Breakfast Club Donation
Smiling Teens

If you would like to support our ministries financially, you can do so by donating by e-transfer or cheque. Instructions are provided below on how to donate. 


Thanks for choosing to give via e-transfer!

Here are a few instructions:

1. Go to the Interac E-Transfer section of your online bank account. The exact steps to do this may vary depending on what banking institution you're signed up with.

2. For which of these, you wish to direct your donation, add Coldwater United Church or Wesley (Eady) United Church as a new e-transfer contact and use the email address: or

3. You don't need to create a security question, as Coldwater United Church and Wesley (Eady) United Church has auto-deposit set up.

4. As you make the transfer, be sure to include your name, billing address, phone number, and email address in the Message section of the transaction, so we can properly attribute and receipt your donation.

5. If you are unable to submit all of your personal info in the Message section, please send a separate email with your contact details and donation amount to or


You can mail a cheque to:

Coldwater United Church
14 Harriet Street
Coldwater, Ontario
L0K 1E0
Please make payable to Coldwater United Church.

You can mail a cheque to:

Wesley United Church
11 Stage Coach Road
Coldwater, ON
L0K 1E0

Please make payable to Wesley United Church.

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