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Coffee Time, Food for the Soul following our Sunday Worship Service.


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The congregation of Wesley (Eady) United Church is small but dedicated. We respect our rural Methodist heritage yet welcome new ideas. Our members are made up of those who can trace their roots to the founders of the church and others who are new to the area.

Our services are traditional in form but also relaxed and easy going. Sunday School is offered for any children attending. The Eady congregation strives to present an open and welcoming atmosphere. Fellowship opportunities are found after church services, fundraising dinners and luncheons. 

We recognize that we are each on our own faith journey and have different opinions and viewpoints; however, all are respected. We desire to learn and understand our faith by studying the Bible's message for our lives.


Eady United Church, 1898

The beginnings of the Wesley United Church go back to the early days of settlement in the former Township of Medonte. Prior to 1850, there were very few settlers in the valley of the Coldwater RIver. The majority of the settlers were English and Irish with a sprinkling of Scottish. The first church, which was a wood frame building, was located along the Coldwater River between Highway 12 and Moonstone. In 1898, the original church was replaced with a new church at the same site. The present fine brick church, picturesquely located within a beautiful churchyard on the banks of the Coldwater River, is a memorial to the faith, devotion and courage of the Methodist people of the early Eady community established 100 plus years ago.

Circa 1898. Note the driving shed for hourses and buggies on the left.

In 1987, an addition was built on the west side. The addition houses a nursery and updated kitchen area on lower level and the new Wesley Room on the main floor for meetings, coffee hour, etc.

From 1885-1918, ministers served 5 congregations: North River, Fesserton, Coldwater, Eady and Waubaushene.

Alfred Hawke & Family

ALFRED HAWKE 1836-1925

Alfred Hawke (seated) was the son of Edward and Elizabeth Hawke who immigrated to Medonte Township from Cornwall, England in 1843. This family settled on Lot 15, where Line 10 crosses Moonstone Road, and began to farm. Edward's son Alfred, born in 1836, married Margaret Nash and they resided in a house beside the Coldwater River directly across from the current Wesley (Eady) United Church. During 1860-65, Alfred and friends built the first Eady Church, a wood building that was located where the current Wesley (Eady) United Church now stands. This wooden building with three windows on each side and a front porch soon became known as Hawke's Church. In 1898, the Hawke's Church was moved east along the Moonstone Road to make room for a new church. Alfred and his son, James, a Sunday School superintendent, were instrumental in the construction of the brick Wesley (Eady) Methodist Church. Alfred would live to see the Wesley (Eady) Church become part of the United Church of Canada in 1925. Since 1843, the Hawke family name has become well known throughout Medonte Township and Coldwater.


Our facilities are available to rent for meetings, receptions, weddings and more. Visit our Rentals page for more information.

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