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July Minister's Message

Dear Church Family,

As I write this, we are in the middle of June which is my favourite month of the year. The days are lengthening, and we are approaching the longest day of the year. We are grateful for the warmth, the sunshine, and the gentle sound of the birds in the morning.

I am in Tobermory at the beginning of my vacation, and I am able to hear the the water lapping on the shore and see the beautiful blue of Georgian Bay.

We are given the gift of time, which is so precious on each new day.

Time to be with family and friends, time to reflect and to pray.

We are given time to understand that it is good to be fully present in the moments which we are given, for each moment is a blessing and a gift from our Creator.

Let us take time to relax, and to be at peace during these summer days and nights.

I would like to share this prayer with you for the summer.

“Sacred Spirit, untameable, unpredictable, we celebrate your presence among us! Open our souls to the thin places in our lives where we abide in your presence.

Help us to recognize you in creation’s majesty and beauty:

In the hush of the wooded grove, in the splendour of the sun dog’s rays, in the softly floating snowflakes.

You alone feel us suffer and hurt, and you intervene to comfort and to heal.

You communicate through us and give us the courage, to declare our faith and love for you.

You move through your people and inspire us to reach out, with compassion and generosity.

You make the impossible possible.

You inspire us to believe.

We know that we are not alone when we are blessed with the utter certainty of your sacred support and love.

With gratitude we praise you, our Comforter, our Healer, our Motivator and our Source of Infinite love.”


(Anne Mathewson, St. David’ s Trinity United Church, Saskatoon, Sask.)

Peace, Reverend Kathleen Mowat.


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