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  • Rev. Kathleen Mowat

Minister's Message for August

Dear Church Family

We are nearing the middle of summer. I have noticed recently that it is quieter in the mornings, the birds are not singing as clearly at 5 am as they were in June and July.

Our land is beginning show signs of the fall harvest. The corn is growing, and the vegetables are ripening. I have noticed the lovely sunflowers that are in bloom, which are a gift of August.

The summertime has given us many special gifts, time to relax and to be with family, time to be on vacation, time to simply be, to read, to garden, to pray and to think.

I often think about the joys of summer at this time of year. The simple gift of being outside, the warmth of the sunshine, the children playing happily, swimming in the lake or going for a boat ride.

As we move through these gentle days and nights, we are reminded that we are never alone, we are upheld and nurtured in our Creator's care.

We are given this time to enjoy, to rest and to be at peace.

When we are tempted to do to much, to try to accomplish too many things in a short period of time,

let us be reminded that we are not meant to rush or to accomplish everything we think we must do in a few hours or days.

Here is a summer prayer.

“ God help me to rest in the arms of your universe.

Provide the light of dawn on my tent roof to waken me.

Warm me in your sun's rays after my dip in the lake.

Inspire creativity within me with the colours of your sky at dusk.

Tell me your stories as the sparks dance around my campfire.

Give me deep humility as I watch the night sky explode into stars. Amen.”

Eric Herbert – Daly, Gathering, Pentecost 1 2023. The United Church of Canada.

Blessing of Summer.

Reverend Kathleen Mowat


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