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Minister's Message for July 2024

I was on vacation May 28 - June 6.  Viki and I were on a riverboat cruise on the Danube River in Europe. Unfortunately, we missed the Country Music evening at Coldwater which included some memorable performances.


I also serve as a supervisor for a student currently studying for the ministry. At the time of this writing, she is in Halifax for the summer continuing her studies. When she is here we have the opportunity to speak weekly by phone or Zoom.


We celebrated Father's Day on June 16 at both Coldwater and Eady. And, as with Mother's Day, I was very impressed with the congregations' involvement. While the women were encouraged to wear their favourite

hat in May, the men were invited to wear their favourite sports jersey for our day in June.  I had to borrow one from my son.  And, again, photos of fathers were displayed on the communion table. By the way, some of the women wore sports jerseys too. 


For May 17 and 18 Viki and I took two days to visit someone in Windsor who has been a friend of mine for sixty-eight years.


I attended the Official Board meeting on June 18 at which time it was decided to hold worship at Coldwater UC in August with worship at 9AM. This was the preferred time of the Baptist congregation who continue meet in the Coldwater church during the summer months.


At this meeting I also learned that my six month contract was not being extended. Rather, it was allowed to expire on June 30 with a new three year contract beginning on July 1. I found this quite acceptable.


We had our final meeting of Sacred Space for the summer on June 26 at Coldwater. We will start again in September.


I mentioned in my last report that I had spoken with the mayor of Severn Township, Mike Burkett, enquiring if he was aware of any needs in the local community with which our faith community could be involved. He is currently looking into this and will inform me of any possibilities and ideas.


I also had coffee with Reverend John Giurin of Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Coldwater, to congratulate him on the thirtieth anniversary of his ordination. I brought greetings and well wishes from our two congregations.


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