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Minister's Message for June 2024

Greetings all!

May was an eventful month. On May 5th we celebrated the baptism of Cathy Pipher at Coldwater. Following the service a congregational meeting was held. At this meeting they voted to extend my six month contract to three years. Later that same morning Eady also voted in favor of the extension.

We have also continued with our Sacred Space gatherings on Wednesday as we alternate between our two locations.

On May 12 both congregations celebrated Mother's Day. It was wonderful to see all of the photos of mothers on the Communion table. Following the services there were group photos of our faith communities.

Meanwhile, back at Barrie, I have continued my monthly gatherings for God in the Woods at the Barrie Arboretum. This is a time of worship and reflection in nature.

Too, I have introduced myself to Mayor Mike Burkett, the mayor of Coldwater. I am wondering if there are some further areas of community support which I, and people of the congregation, can provide. Hopefully, there will be more to follow.

For our "Time at the Front" part of our service I am inviting members of the congregation the opportunity to share something, of their own creation, with the people. Anything at all, from poetry to quilting or even carpentry. 

On May 27th Viki and I left for vacation. We took a riverboat cruise from Bucharest to Budapest. I suspect you will be hearing more about this during the coming sermons.

As always, people are welcome to contact me for visits, prayers, conversations, questions or even Communion.



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