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  • Rev. Kathleen Mowat

Minister's Message for September

Dear Church Family

We are nearing the end of summer, how quickly it has passed. Our days are becoming shorter, and we are beginning to see and feel hints of Fall in the air.

Although we may wish for summer to last longer, we are given this time to reflect upon the gifts which summertime has given to us.

We may have been able to gather with our family and friends outdoors and to share the simple gifts, a time to play with our children and grandchildren, a time to garden, a time to share a meal, time to read a good book, time to simply be together.

I returned to you four years ago this September as your supply minister.

Four months has turned into 4 years very quickly!

I am deeply thankful for the time we have shared together, the times in worship,

in fellowship, in meetings, in telephone conversations, in times of joy and times of sorrow. Each day has been a special blessing to me.

May we embrace this season with thankful hearts. As we look to the sky and see

the birds beginning to leave, as we look to the fields and see the harvest.

These are the gifts of this season.

The prayer I share with you is chosen for this season.

Teach us the Rhythm: A Prayer

God of abundance and rest,

teach us to move to the rhythms of your creation.

Teach us the rhythm of each day:

Waking, Working, Refreshing. Then a time of resting.

Teach us the rhythm of each week:

Filling, Emptying, Restoring, Building, Doing.

Then a time for just being.

Teach us the rhythm of the year:

Planting, Tending, Harvesting, Sharing, Feasting.

Then a time of snow covered quiet.

Teach us the rhythms of life:

Birth, Growth, Vigour, Wisdom, Letting go.

Then resting in you.

God of abundance and rest, teach us to move to the rhythms of your creation. Amen.

(Karen Pryznyk, Okotoks,UC Okotoks Alberta.

Gathering Pentecost 2 2023.)

Peace and Blessings,

Reverend Kathleen Mowat


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