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  • Rev. Kathleen Mowat

New Year's Message

Dear Church Family,

Our Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are now behind us.

Our Christmas trees and decorations are stored away for another year. The presents we so carefully chose for our family and friends have been exchanged and packed away. As we look our windows or drive around our towns, we no longer see the cheerful lights of the Christmas season. Everything may seem so be sleeping as the long winter months lie ahead of us.

We have our memories of our special times which we shared with our family and friends over the Christmas season. These memories become more precious each year.

They may be simple, such as the smile of a child, or an unexpected gift or visit from a friend. We have special memories of the times we shared in worship over the Christmas season.

The winter months which lie ahead may be quieter, and we will have the opportunity to treasure these memories in our hearts and our souls.

During these winter days and nights let us be assured of the blessings of our Creator.

When we are at home our Creator soothes us when we might feel anxious. When we are out in our world our Creator accompanies us as we go about our daily routines. God nourishes us with abundant and diverse blessings.

In times of quiet and of solitude, God comforts us with the blessing of peace.

As we enter the New Year ahead, may we know the mystery of the Holy Spirit, which whispers

in our hearts and strengthens us for the journey which lies ahead.

May the New Year hold unexpected and welcomed love, and joyful moments.

Blessings of the New Year.

Reverend Kathleen Mowat


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