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Kathleen Mowat

Position: Minister

Kathleen was born in Toronto. Her parents are Doreen Ross and George Ross. Kat

hleen’s father died in 1975. She has a twin sister, Jennifer and a younger brother George. Kathleen grew up in East York and Don Mills, where she attended the local schools.

Kathleen’s father George enjoyed building and, in the 1970s her parents’ bought property in Tobermory. Her father built the family cottage there, it is on Georgian Bay and faces Flowerpot Island. It is a lovely quiet place, surrounded by the Fathom Five National Park. Over the years her family have spent many summers there and her children have many wonderful memories of the times, they were there together, building tree forts, playing outside, watching the boats in the town and riding bikes together.

Kathleen still goes there in the summertime and has been able to bring her grandchildren there. They love to go out in a kayak and meander around looking at the wildlife and the interesting rock formations. Words cannot describe the deep blue of the crystal-clear water, the freshness of the air and the gentle green of the summer foliage. It is one of Kathleen’s favourite places in the world.

Kathleen attended Queens University and became an English teacher. She taught Elementary school, High school and English for New Canadian Adults.

Bill Mowat and Kathleen were married in 1975 and had 2 children, John George, 1980 and Jennifer Marion Mowat, 1984. They lived in Don Mills and later in Moore Park. John and his wife Niki live in Sydney Australia with their 3 children, Oliver, 7 Albert,4 and Evelyn, 2. Kathleen has been to visit them 3 times and hopes to return soon. Jennifer and her husband Adam live in Etobicoke and have 2 sons, Harry, 4 and Arthur 3 months.

As Kathleen’s children grew older, she attended Emmanuel College in Toronto and graduated with a Master of Divinity and was ordained into Ministry in 1999. Kathleen served 2 churches in Toronto before coming to Coldwater in 2004.

Kathleen served Coldwater Eady from 2004 until 2009 when Bruce and Kathleen moved to Gravenhurst. Bruce Hemphill and Kathleen were married at Trinity United in July of 2013. She served at Trinity United in Gravenhurst from 2009 to 2015.

Kathleen then retired for a few years. She was very happy to come back to Coldwater and Eady in September of 2019 to serve as the supply minister. This has extended into 4 years. It continues to be a blessing for Kathleen to serve in the Coldwater and Eady pastoral charge.

When Kathleen is not working, she enjoys swimming, reading, painting, sewing and gardening.

She is looking forward to having time with her 5 grandchildren, to travelling and being with Bruce and Kathleen’s families and friends.


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