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  • Rev. Kathleen Mowat

February's Message

Dear Church Family,

As we enter the month of February we are thankful for the many blessing of this season. The days are becoming longer, and there are days when we are blessed with sunlight and warmth. We have been given time during the winter months to feel at peace in the quiet of the season. We have had 2 annual meetings, Eady on January 29th and Coldwater on February 5th.

These were times to review our life together over the past year. There have been challenges and new opportunities. It has been very good to be back in together in our fellowship times after Church on Sundays.

On February 26 we will begin our Lenten journey together. During this time we are able to reflect upon the life of Jesus .

As we reflect upon this let us be reminded that we are never alone. We are given our Creators Spirit and the support and care of our Church family.

I would like to share this prayer with you ,

Holy One, these days we are not quite sure what season we are in.

Some days feel like spring, Even the flowers are pushing through the soil. And then it gets cold, and we feel the winter dragging on.

Remind us of another kind of season, a season of faith, as we prepare ourselves for the joy of Easter during this season of Lent.

Clear away the distractions and the old ways that block us from the adventure of travelling with you.

Create space in our souls so we receive your words of love and notice you naming our names, reminding us to turn to you for strength.

Bless the journey of this season of Lent, we pray.


(Wendy Maclean, Brockville Ontario.

Gathering / Lent, Easter 2023 Year A)


Reverend Kathleen Mowat

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