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  • Rev. Bruce Sweet

Minister's Message for March 2024



I hope that this finds all well. I have now been with you for two months and feel that I'm getting my feet slowly on the ground.


Ministering to two congregations takes me back to my very first pastoral charge. I was newly ordained and settled in

Saskatchewan, between Regina and Moose Jaw. My two churches were Pense and Drinkwater. Viki and I were there for only a month when I had to return to Windsor ON for my father's funeral. When I finally returned again to my new prairie home, I quickly became accustomed to my new surroundings and community. 


It was in Regina that our second child, Jacob, was born. However, when we arrived home with our new addition it was not long before he was recalled. It turns out there were some tests that were missed. The hospital was not more specific because the oversight was caused by the medical staff wanting to watch the Saskatchewan Roughrider game on the television in the lounge as our son was entering the world. Maybe this is why Jacob has always been a big football fan.


Well, we haven't had any adventures like this at Coldwater and Eady. And Viki and I are not expecting to have any more children. But I am certain other events and memories await. 


This coming Sunday will mark the halfway point of Lent. I came across this online and decided to share it with you.


Any spiritual practice, to be healthy and balanced, begins from a place of gratitude. We are entrusted with this one beautiful life. How do we choose to live with loving and generous intention? Fasting and denial may be the hallmarks of a pop culture Lent. But if I am to be intentional about my own spiritual growth, I must approach Lenten practices with balance and care. Stewardship means taking care of our spiritual, mental and physical well-being, and using our bodies in ways that honour God. This includes not only taking care of our physical health through healthy eating and exercise, but also being mindful of our mental and emotional well-being. Today I affirm what is important. I choose to say yes to that which brings life, to be intentional about spiritual practices that offer healing, that bring me into closer alignment with God. My practice isn’t perfect, because I’m not perfect. But it is worth the effort for the sake of growing deeper in relationship with God.

Rev. Melody Duncanson Hales


Further, Our mid-week group is named "Sacred Space".

We meet every Wednesday from 11am to Noon. We also alternate between Eady and Coldwater. On Wednesday, February 28, we will be at Coldwater, and on Wednesday, March 6, back ay Eady. Here we reflect upon and share that which is sacred in life. To find out more, come and join us.

So, from Drinkwater to Coldwater, and from Pense to Eady, our journey continues.

And with this I wish you a meaningful second half of Lent.


I have made a few in person pastoral calls and have spoken with others by phone. If you wish a visit or phone call or email, please do not hesitate to connect.


Too, if you would like to receive my weekly email "Wednesday Wisdom" please let me know.


Bruce Sweet



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