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  • Rev. Bruce Sweet

Minister's Message for January 2024


Hi all!

I am greatly looking forward to meeting all of you at both Coldwater and Eady.

It will take me a while to learn everyone's name. So, please be patient with me

in this.

I am slowly learning your methods and motions and you will also be experiencing mine. I have learned from experience that there is always a short time of adjustment for all involved.

Being a part of a faith community is a wonderful blessing. This is experienced in both our giving and receiving and, certainly, in our learning and accepting. I am very much looking forward to walking with you in this shared path of learning and deepening.

It is my prayer that the next six months will be bountifully filled with both.

If at any time you would like to talk with me here is my contact information.


Phone:       705-209-3899

Bruce Sweet


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